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Sarah Pilkington


Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK


You can find me in other places too...

Hello, my name is Sarah Pilkington. I was born and live in Mansfield, which is a town in England. I am 24 years old. I am very passionate about 3D modelling and games design. I wish to be a game environment artist, as I really enjoy creating environments. I am very eager to explore more and take on challenges. In the past, I studied Graphic Design level 3 doing different projects based on different units: print work, computer design, photography and collage.

I like to do different things in my free time. I like to explore places a lot, as I try my best to travel as much as possible and experience their culture and lifestyle. I am enthustatic at learning new things. I would describe myself as a fast learner and enthusiastic to learn new and more things all the time.

When I am at home, I like to explore different designs and photography. I often visit Behance and Dribbble for inspirations because you see a variety range of work. I also like to play games; I do not have a particular favourite genre but I am a massive fan of Grand Theft Auto and Tomb Raider.



Curriculum Vitae

Request for my CV - sarah@sarahpilkington.co.uk


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