For this live brief competition, I had to design a brochure and page design for college's 2014 Higher Education Arts Fest. My work was chosen as the final work so I am pleased with this work. I was given only one week to produce this.


Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6

Work & photographs

Brochure cover design

Final design.

Finalised design.

Removed filled in R and A to match the rest of the design.

Completed the background art.

Progress with background.

First stage - text were joined together.

Drawing #2.

Drawing #1.

Page(s) design

Final design.

Previous page designs


Final product

I sent the design to the college's design team and they altered a few things such as removing the textured background and making the text white. I was really disappointed by their actions but at least they have chosen my work in this competition :-)
Sorry for the bad quality photograph, as it was taken on my mobile phone.

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