For this project, I had to design an interactive interface with a map. The map must show all the areas of the hospital that the client asked us to add and show videos, photographs and some areas in 3D. For the videos and photographs, we had to go to Newark hospital to take some footage of each area, with an exception of Sconce Ward, Minister Ward and Fernwood community unit ward where they will be created in 3D. For the interface design, I have chosen to make it simple, colourful, user-friendly and universal. I have created the entire map in 3D which has taken many hours but the end result was really good. With the 3D map, I was able to make the colours of each area look even more visually exciting.

More information can be found on the Lightwave website.


Adobe Photoshop CS6 - textures, interface design mock up, icons and buttons design
Adobe Illustrator CS6 - exporting EPS files for 3D
Adobe After Effects CS6 - video editing
Adobe Premiere CS6 - video importing, editing and makjing notes for each clip filmed at the hospital.
Lightwave 3D - for the 3D rooms
Tumult Hype v2.0 - creation of interface

Click on the image below to view the interface.

WARNING: the interface will appear bigger on resolutions smaller than 1920x1080.
For best experience, press F11.

Short movie

This was created on Lightwave. I wanted to create a 3D map but it led to animation work as well for my ident.


Set in evening using HDRI, placed a few lights and added people for a LW magazine article


View of both

Hospital & environment

HDRI Sky & moonlight shadows

Overlook of the hospital's car park

Second view

Final render

Hospital & environment - NIGHT TIME (test)

First test - white streetlamps at car park were created. Road streetlights were not created at the time.

Streetlights needs to be brighter and intense. Car lights needs some work.

More lights are created. However, Lightwave did not render the streetlights' light flares for some reason...

Sconce Ward

Minister Ward

Fernwood Community Ward

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