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Eastwood Centre has consulting roomsfor outpatient clinics and a discharge lounge. The Podiatry services are run from here aswell. The cardio respiratory unit is also located here. The Contraception Sexual Health and  Genito-Urinary Medicine services are  available here.
Eastwood Centre
Gynaecological outpatient services arerun from the Sherwood Women's Centre. A colposcopy service is available here. Sherwood Women's Centre also provides antenatal care.
Sherwood Women's Centre
Dining Room
The dining room is open from 8:00am to7:00pm. Breakfast is served from 10:30am to 10:45am. Hot meals, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and snacks are available here.
Minister Ward is for planned surgeries  Day case patients are admitted to this ward. There is also a minor operations suite on the ward.
Minister Ward
Mercia Doughty Pre-Operative Assessment Centre
The pre-operative area has fourconsulting rooms. We have a dedicated waiting area. The unit was created with funding from  the Mercia Doughty Foundation and is named in memory of a former sister at the hospital.
Fernwood Community Unit
GP led unit delivering rehabilitative careplans for elderly patients.  There are 12 beds in total on the unit. Open visiting times from 10:00am  to 8:00pm.
Bramley Children's Unit is a dedicated children's outpatient department that offers clinics five days a week. With the clinical rooms and a large, airy, waiting area where children can play the unit further improves the developments to children's services at Newark Hospital. Please book in at the main outpatients reception desk when attending an  appointment in the Bramley's Chhildren Unit.
Bramley's Children Unit
We have two operating suites. This area is also a recovery area.
A wide of clinics run five days a week. A refreshment area run by the League of Friends of Newark Hospital is located in the waiting area. It sells hot and cold  drinks, confectionery, filled rolls and sandwiches. The waiting area has a child play area to keep children entertained whilst waiting  for appointments.
The Minor Injuries/Urgent care will treatadults and chldren for a range of minor injuries and illnesses.
Minor Injuries & Urgent Care Unit 
Radiology - X-Ray/Ultrasound
The radiology provides x-rays,  ultrasounds and also has a CT scanner. If you have a CT appointment, please book at the reception desk in the  Radiology department.
Main Reception
Main reception - the place for everything. The volunteers are available to answer any queries you may have.
A friendly confidental advisory service for patients, carers and staff who wish to discuss any comments, concerns or compliments about their care. They can also access up-to-date  information from a wide variety of  reputable sources, offering a seamless service in assisting with referrals to other departments or healthcare organisations.
Patient Advice and Liaison Service 
Board Room
This is the trust and management  meeting room. Public meetings are held here.
Travel expenses can be claimed here.
General Office
The chapel is staffed Tuesday to  Thursday between 10:00am to 04:00pm.
Mary Taylor Coffee Lounge
This area is run by our volunteers. It sells a wide range of refreshments, confectionery, toiletries, stationery items,  stamps, greeting cards, wrapping paper,  toys, gifts, books and jigsaws.
Mercia Doughty Endoscopy Centre
Mercia Doughty Endoscopy Centre offersprivacy and dignity in a caring  environment with modern high- technology facilities for patients. The unit was created with funding from the Mercia Doughty Foundation and is named in memory of a former sister at the hospital.
Ths is a medical ward with 35 beds  altogether. Visiting times are from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
Sconce Ward